Norwegian and Swedish critiques

ome of the critiques are in Norwegian or Swedish, and sadly I haven't got the time to translate
all the critiques of three dogs, but of course I can translate one or two on request.

The placements is too much to translate too, but here's a short explanation of all the classes:

JK is juniorclass (1st or 2nd, etc, in quality), JKK is placement in juniorclass.
AUK was youthclass, AUKK was placement.
UKK is youthclass, UKK is placement.
AK is open class, AKK is placement.
VTK is veteran class, VTKK is placement.
VK was winners class, where the CC was given, but doesn't exist anymore.
CK means certificate quality, similar to the res.CC, but can be given to all the dogs in a class.
HP means prize of honour, which is given to promising young dogs, in junior or youthclass.
BTK is bitchclass placement, BHK is dogclass placement.
BIR is Best of breed, and BIM is Best of sex.
BIG is best in group.