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Wollbraaten, Lindtruppbakken 10b
1440 Drøbak Norway +4792857761

Eva Tønnessen/
Trudy Wollbraaten
Osloveien 17
1440 Drøbak Norway

Trudy: +4740210007
Eva: +4740210008
about us

The people behind the Kerenza prefix are Sofie Wollbraaten, Trudy Wollbraaten and Eva Tønnessen.
We got our kennel name recognized in april 2008. We live in Drøbak, a small town near Oslo.

We are active in showing, agility, obedience, tracking, hunting etc, having had nice results so far. Our first litter of goldens in 2009 produced champions and three BOB winners, and from our second sheltie litter in 2012 came Katie, top winning sheltie in Norway 2014.

Sofie is most active in the show ring and Eva works with some of the dogs. Trained and competed with by Eva and shown by Sofie, our second american cocker has done what no other spaniel in Norway has done before her, achieving four titles in three different sports.

We are truly grateful for the breeders who has given us such a good start to our life with dogs.